When you complete a task such as filing a document for a matter (or any other task whatsoever), you can program that task completion to serve as a trigger for an automated workflow action, like an update of the task in the matter’s history or any other action you desire.

To create a Task Completed workflow:

1. Go to Automation on the left side-menu


2. Tap +in the ensuing screen


3. Input the workflow action name and description


4. Scroll down to and select Task Completed trigger in the field


5. Specify whose task completion can trigger the workflow action


6. Click Continue


7. Specify a tag to filter the type of tasks that can trigger the automated workflow action.


8. Select the automated action you want to always happen whenever a task is completed. In this case, we choose Update Matter and click Next


9. Setup the action by choosing [From Trigger] specifying that info such as matter ID/lead ID, name, description etc. should be sourced from the completed task that is triggering the action. Input data in other fields you see fit as important.


10. Click Save and you’re good to go

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