As you must well know, Lawcus now empowers you to send drips of pre-written messages, a powerful tool for slowly and steadily building relationships with leads, and eventually converting them into your clients.

For example, when a prospect provides an email address before downloading an eBook guide on your website and such email is added on Lawcus as a lead, you can send drips of pre-written messages to them over time.

To strategically plan and sequence drip emails to your prospects:

1. Click Automation on the left sidebar


2. Click + to create a workflow


3. Input the name and description of the drip marketing workflow and set the trigger type. Choose pipeline (i.e. lead source) and stage, and tap Continue


4. Scroll down to select the Time Delay action, setup delay and click Continue+new action


5. Choose Send Email as the next action and click Next to create your first email drip


6. Choose one of your users or yourself as the sender of the drip email


7. Specify that the recipient name should be sourced from the new lead details


8. Input a Subject line


9. Compose your email message


10. Create another Time Delay action


11. Add the next email drip


Note: You can add as many Time delays and emails as you want in your drip email campaign. Once done, tap the Inactive toggle into Active state to get the drip marketing workflow running

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