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How to set up Mailchimp integration in Lawcus?
How to set up Mailchimp integration in Lawcus?

Learn how to integrate Lawcus with Mailchimp and leverage your contacts for marketing campaigns in a few easy steps.

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Integrating your Lawcus account with Mailchimp is a great way to keep your contacts updated and leverage its marketing automation features. This integration will primarily facilitate the syncing of Lawcus contacts with Mailchimp, giving you more leverage to use your contacts wisely for your marketing and brand campaigns. In this article, we'll show you how to integrate Lawcus with your Mailchimp account in a few easy steps.


  • An active Mailchimp account.

  • Only one organization account ID is required to configure the Mailchimp integration in Lawcus.

  • Only valid email addresses can be added to the Mailchimp audience list.

  • If the address is selected, the following fields: street_address, city, state, zip, and country are mandatory.

Steps to integrate Mailchimp with Lawcus:

  1. From the Avatar menu, click on Settings.

  2. Under Apps & Integrations, click on Mailchimp.

  3. Click on Enable.

  4. Login with your Mailchimp credentials.

  5. Authorize Lawcus Staging by clicking on “Allow.”

  6. Click on “Sync a New Email List” to sync Lawcus contacts with Mailchimp.

  7. Select the email list (Mailchimp audience list) you want to sync and the contact list you want to sync with the audience list.

  8. Filter contacts by tags if necessary.

  9. Select “Sync contacts matching all of the tags above” if necessary otherwise, “Sync contacts matching any of the tags above” will be selected by default.

  10. Select “Add All Existing Contacts to the list” if necessary. Note that contacts created on Lawcus before the Mailchimp integration will be considered as ‘Existing Contacts’.

  11. Click on “Connect List” to complete building the Email List to sync with Mailchimp.

  12. You can now see all your synced lists under ‘Connected Email Lists’.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can integrate your Mailchimp account with Lawcus and sync the Lawcus contacts with Mailchimp. Now you can start automating your email campaigns and making your contacts more organized and up-to-date.

Points to remember

  • Contacts will be added to the Mailchimp audience list based on the above settings

  • In the "Sync Contacts" filter, you can select different contacts like Lead, Not Hired, etc.

  • Filter by Contact Tags: You can select Contact tags as created in Lawcus per your requirement.

  • If a contact is archived in Mailchimp, it can only be unarchived from within the Mailchimp platform itself.

  • The address will not be synced to Mailchimp if the contact has been created in Lawcus via CSV import.

  • If a contact is deleted from Lawcus, it will be archived in Mailchimp. An archived contact in Mailchimp will not receive any emails. However, if the contact is permanently deleted from Lawcus, it will not be added again to Mailchimp in the future.

  • All fields of a contact in Lawcus will be synchronized with Mailchimp. However, if a user adds any new field in Mailchimp that does not match with any field in Lawcus, then that field will not be synchronized with Lawcus.

By following these steps and keeping these points in mind, you can seamlessly integrate Lawcus with Mailchimp, and leverage your contacts for your marketing campaigns.

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