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How to Connect Your GSuite Account to Lawcus EU Data Center?
How to Connect Your GSuite Account to Lawcus EU Data Center?

Seamlessly manage legal tasks with Lawcus EU. GSuite integration.

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Lawcus offers the ability to seamlessly integrate with your GSuite account, providing a smooth experience for managing your legal practice in the EU data center. To ensure a successful connection, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. As an administrator, start by signing in to your Google Admin Console. From the Google Admin dashboard, navigate to the "Security" section and open up "Settings."


2. Scroll down until you find the "API Permissions" option. Click on it to proceed.


3. You'll find the option to "Manage Third-Party App Access." Click on it to continue.


4. To connect Lawcus with your GSuite account, you'll need to add the Lawcus app as a trusted third-party app. Click on the "Configure New App" button to start the process. Upon selecting "Configure New App," you will be prompted to provide the OAuth App Name or Client ID. This information helps identify the Lawcus app in the Google ecosystem.


5. Search our Google Client ID:


6. Click on the "Select" button to proceed.


7. To ensure a secure connection, choose the "Trusted: Can access all Google services" option for the Lawcus app. This will grant it the necessary permissions to integrate with your GSuite account. Click on "Configure."


8. You have now successfully connected your GSuite account to Lawcus EU data center. The Lawcus app will now appear in your list of "App Access Control."

Congratulations! You have completed the integration process, and Lawcus will now work seamlessly with your GSuite account in the EU data center. Enjoy enhanced productivity and streamlined legal practice management with this powerful integration. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to contact our support team for assistance. Happy legal practice managing!

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