If you work in multiple practice areas, Lawcus helps you keep things organized by setting up certain defaults. The defaults that you have set above will apply to both existing matters and subsequent matters in the selected practice area.

The default settings you can set-up for each practice area include:

  • Members: Select the names of team members who will work in that practice area.

  • Document Folders: Specify separate folders to store the documents of each practice area.

  • Estimated matter value: Specify an estimated total cost of matters under the practice area.

  • Billing type: Set out the default billing type for matters under the particular practice area

  • Custom Field Groups: Select the custom field groups for the practice area (if any)

Defining default settings for practice areas

To define default folder and member assignees for your practice areas:

  1. Tap the avatar image, then click Settings

  2. Open Firm Settings, then click Practice Area Defaults

  3. Choose a desired practice area, then specify its default settings, then click Save default settings to wrap-up the process

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