Do much more with your Lawcus account by integrating it directly with Google email and calendar service. A successful integration allows you to seamlessly automate the sending of emails, update events and meetings, and so much more.

Setting up Gmail integration

To integrate your Lawcus account with Gmail and Google Calendar:

  1. Click on the avatar image at the top-right of your screen and tap Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

  2. In the Settings menu, click Apps & Integrations to expand the section

  3. Click on Email and Calendar in the Apps & Integrations panel.

  4. Here you'll find a list of successful integrations. Click the Enable button.

  5. Enter your email address and click the Sign In button to be taken to your email service provider's sign-in screen.

  6. Select the desired account from the Google account sign-in screen if you've previously signed in to the account, then tap Next.

  7. Click Continue

  8. Check all the blank checkboxes, then tap Continue

  9. Toggle the Enable email integration switch on

Note: After toggling the switch, a new folder containing communication for each matter stored on Lawcus will appear in your Gmail inbox.

Enabling & Mapping Two-way Calendar

To ensure your events and meetings automatically sync both ways, you need to toggle the calendar switch and map your Google account calendar with Lawcus.

To enable and map the two-way calendar:

  1. Toggle the Enable two-way calendar integration switch

  2. Tap the dropdown menu to select the Gmail account's calendar you want to map Lawcus to

Note: If you tap the Update Calendar list button for whatever reason, you'd need to map your calendar again to keep it in sync with Lawcus.

Note: It's advisable to add events on Lawcus calendar than on third-party email and calendar accounts because changes reflect faster than if done otherwise

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