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How to Close a Matter in Lawcus?
How to Close a Matter in Lawcus?

Learn how to close matters in Lawcus effectively. Archive completed cases & streamline your workspace.

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Closing a matter in Lawcus is a straightforward process that allows you to archive completed cases and remove them from your pipeline. Follow these simple steps to close a matter:

  1. Click on "Matters" in the left sidebar to access the Matters screen.

  2. Locate the specific matter you want to close and click on its Matter Card.


3. In the "Quick Actions" panel, click on "Close matter."


4. Confirm the matter closure when prompted. The matter will be archived and removed from the pipeline.
Note: Archiving a matter in Lawcus doesn't delete any information related to the case; it simply moves it to a separate, easily retrievable location.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues while closing a matter, don't hesitate to contact Lawcus support for further assistance.

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