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How to update the Matter Numbering Scheme?
How to update the Matter Numbering Scheme?

Customize & update Matter Numbering Scheme to generate unique identifiers for matter identification & management. Learn how.

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The Matter Numbering scheme in Lawcus allows you to automatically generate unique matter numbers using a pre-defined numbering pattern, making identifying and managing your matters easier.

Here's how to update your Matter Numbering Scheme:

  1. Go to "Settings" by clicking on your profile avatar in the top right corner.

  2. Under "Firm Settings," select "Matter Numbering."

  3. Choose from one of the pre-saved templates or create your custom numbering pattern. (Manual entry is also an option if you prefer to enter matter numbers yourself.)

  4. Click "Update" to save your changes.

Here are some essential considerations when customizing your Matter Numbering Scheme:

  1. When selecting "Client Index," "Matter Index per year," "Open Date Month," "Open Date Year (YY)," or "Open Date Year (YYYY)" as the field, make sure to keep "Convert Case" as "None."

  2. You can use existing separators or create your own. Separators help to maintain distinctiveness among all the fields used for the matter numbering. We recommend you use Separators.

  3. Text separators are also allowed.

  4. For the remaining fields, you have the option to select "Convert Case" as either "UPPER" or "lower" and to "Trim Characters" to a limit of your choosing. It's best practice to trim to three characters.

Please note: If you want to update existing matter numbers, check the "Update all existing matters" checkbox and click "Update." This will update all existing matters to follow the new scheme and apply the scheme to any future matters.

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