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Streamline Document Management with Box Integration
Streamline Document Management with Box Integration

Effortlessly sync and manage legal documents with Lawcus' Box integration.

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At Lawcus, our seamless integration with Box empowers you to manage your legal documents effortlessly. With this integration, you can seamlessly transfer files from your computer into Lawcus, automatically synchronizing with your Box account. Enjoy the convenience of creating, viewing, annotating, and sharing files, all within the Lawcus platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between applications – Lawcus makes it easier than ever to access your Box files while staying organized.

Follow these simple steps to set up Box integration and enhance your document management experience:

  1. Click on your profile avatar at the Lawcus interface's top-right corner. Select “Settings” from the dropdown list.

  2. From the available options, select "Apps & Integrations."

  3. In the Apps & Integrations section, you will see various integration options. Locate and click on "Files Integration."

  4. Next, you'll find a toggle button that allows you to "Enable" the Box integration. Click on it to activate the integration.

  5. You will be prompted to enter your Box credentials to ensure a secure connection. Provide your Box login details, and click on “Authorize” to establish the connection.

Your Box integration with Lawcus is now active. Here's how to make the most of it:

  • Within Lawcus, you'll notice a new tab with the Box logo on your matter details screen.

  • Use this tab to effortlessly upload documents related to a specific matter or access documents already stored in your Box account for that matter.

By following these steps, you'll unlock the full potential of Lawcus and Box integration, making your document management more efficient and streamlined than ever before. Enjoy the benefits of synchronized document access, all from within the Lawcus platform.

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