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How to manually add new phone logs for your clients
How to manually add new phone logs for your clients

Add your call logs in Lawcus and organise your client communication.

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In the world of legal practice, effective communication and accurate record-keeping are paramount. This is especially true regarding phone calls with clients, colleagues, or other parties involved in legal matters.
Logging phone calls in Lawcus offers several benefits:

  1. Efficient Record-Keeping

  2. Clear Communication History

  3. Improved Collaboration with teammates

Let's get started with the process of logging a phone call in Lawcus:

1. Goto the 'Inbox' section in Lawcus.

2. Select the 'Create a Phone Log' icon on the top.

3. Fill in the applicable information on the form.

  • Client: In this section, you can choose the contact associated with the client you recently had a conversation with.

  • Matter-Lead: Link the phone log to a specific case or matter within Lawcus for easy reference.

  • Date: Precisely record the date and time of your client interaction to maintain accurate records.

  • Interaction Type: When categorizing your client interaction, distinguish between "Outbound" (indicating you initiated the call) and "Inbound" (signifying that the client contacted you).

  • Guests: Select the relevant contacts and team members who participated in the call

  • Duration: You can manually input the call's duration or utilize the timer function, which allows you to start the timer when the call begins and stop it when the call concludes, automatically capturing the duration.

  • Subject: Provide a brief description of the purpose of the call.

  • Body: Include any important notes or key takeaways from the conversation.

4. After completing all the necessary fields, click 'Create'.
This action ensures that the phone call details are recorded in your Lawcus account.

With this guide, you can ensure that you never miss a detail and have easy access to your phone call history when you need it most.

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