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How to Effortlessly Add a New Task in Lawcus?
How to Effortlessly Add a New Task in Lawcus?

Effortlessly manage tasks in Lawcus with clear steps for addition, assignments, and due dates. Boost legal productivity!

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Efficient task management is at the core of successful legal practice. With Lawcus, you can seamlessly add tasks and ensure streamlined collaboration within your team. This guide outlines two methods for adding tasks and essential tips to maximize your task organization.

Method 1: Adding a Task via the Tasks Screen

  1. On the left sidebar, click on the "Tasks" option to open the Tasks screen. This is where you'll manage your tasks efficiently.

  2. Click on the "Write a task name" bar and provide a descriptive name for your task.

  3. Toggle the lock icon if needed to set the task as private or public. Remember, private tasks are only visible to you.

  4. Optionally, associate the task with a matter or lead. Click on the matter icon, select the appropriate matter or lead from the dropdown, and click "Done" to confirm.

  5. Assign the task to team members as necessary. Your name might be listed by default; remove it if needed by clicking the "x," then select the assignees from the dropdown. Click "Done" to save your selection.

  6. If applicable, click the due date icon to set the task's due date. You can also configure the task's start date, due time, and repetition settings here.

  7. Click the "Add" button to include the task in your task list. The task will automatically appear on your calendar if you've specified an end date.

Method 2: Quick Task Addition

  1. Click the "+" icon from any screen for swift task creation.

  2. Alternatively, you can click "New Task" within the task window itself.

  3. In either method, ensure you provide essential details: Task Name, Matter or Lead, Due Date, and Assigned To.

  4. Click "Save" to complete.

Pro Tips for Optimal Task Management:

  • Utilize Privacy Settings: Mark tasks as private for personal items, keeping them hidden from teammates.

  • Collaborative Assignments: Assign tasks to relevant team members to promote effective teamwork.

  • Detailed Due Dates: Leverage the due date settings to set start dates, due times, and repetitions.

  • Quick Adds for Urgency: When time is of the essence, use the "+" icon for swift task creation.

Mastering task addition in Lawcus empowers your legal team with enhanced productivity and collaboration. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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