To add a new matter entry:

  1. Click on Matters in the left sidebar. Lawcus displays the Matters screen.

  2. Click on the Add Matter button at the top of the pipeline stage to which you want to add the matter.

    Note: You can also add a matter (from any screen) by clicking on the button at the top of the screen and selecting New Matter from the menu that appears.

    Lawcus displays the Matter screen.


A. Enter the name of the client.

Note: As you type, Lawcus will display a list of names from your Contacts List that match with what you are typing. Select the name you want if you can see it in the drop-down list; otherwise type a new name and press the Enter key to add it to the list.


B. The Name of the Matter. This is a mandatory item. By default, it will be the same as the client's name, but you can change it to whatever you want.


C. Enter the Description of the matter.


Note: The Description box is a barebones WYSIWYG Text Editor. It is similar to your word processor (like MS Word), but has limited capabilities. There's a toolbar at the top that allows you to format the text as you type (or later).


From left to right, the buttons are:

  • Make text bold.

  • Make text italics.

  • Make text underlined.

  • Display the text in a special font.

  • Add a hyperlink to the selected text.

  • Apply Heading 1 style to the text.

  • Apply Heading 2 style to the text.

  • Format the selected text as a quotation. The selected text will be indented from both sides.

  • Start a numbered list.

  • Start a bulleted list.

D. Enter the Estimated Matter Value.


E. Select the Billing Type from this drop-down list. Billing type can be: Non-billable, Hourly, Flat rate, or Contingency fee.


If you select Contingency fee, you can specify the Billing Attorney, the Billing Rate as a percentage, and the Settlement Amount.


If you want to work on the matter without charging any fees, you can select Non-billable.

F. Specify whether to use an Evergreen Retainer. If you select this checkbox, you can then enter a Minimum Evergreen Retainer Amount. Lawcus will then notify you whenever the matter balance dips below the amount specified here.


G. Enter the Open Date, Close Date (if any), and the Statute of Limitations Date for the matter.


Note: You can either type the date (in mm/dd/yyyy format), or select the date by clicking on the calendar icon.

H. If required, select the Pipeline to which to add this matter. This is a mandatory item.

I. Select the Stage of the matter (such as, Case Assessment, Discovery, Trial, etc.). This is a mandatory item.

J. Select the Practice Area of the matter (such as, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Copyright, etc.). You can either select the Practice Area from the drop-down list or type a new value and press the Enter key to add it to the list.

K. If required, select or change the Originating Attorney and the Responsible Attorney for the matter. You can either select from the drop-down list or you can type the name of a person and press the Enter key to add it to the list.

L. Click on the Tags button, at the right, to enter tags or keywords for this matter. You can later use these tags to search for this matter.

M. Select the names of the Members who are responsible for, or managing, this matter. As you select the names, the member's picture will appear in the Members: area above the buttons.

N. Click Add related contact to add the names of other people who are connected with the matter. This could be names of witnesses, opposing attorneys, billing contacts, or any other contact who is related to this matter. You can add these names for easy access or reference.


Select the Relation type (such as Billing Contact, Witness, or Child, etc.) from the drop-down list.

Tip: Start typing the type of relationship and Lawcus will show you items in the drop-down list. Select the item you want from the drop-down list. If the type of relationship you want is not there in the drop-down list, you can type the complete name and press the Enter key to add it to the list.

Similarly, select the name of the Relation contact from the drop-down list.

Click on the Add relation button to add the name of the related person. Lawcus will add the relation details above the client's name.


O. Set the visibility of the matter. Specify whether it can be seen by others.

P. If custom fields have been defined for matters, you can select the custom fields by clicking on the Custom fields button at the right.

Q. Select a Color code for this matter.


The color will be displayed as a top-border in the Matter Card.

Tip: If you know the Hex codes of colors, you can assign any color you want to the matter. Just type the required hexadecimal color code in the # box above.

R. Finally, click on the Create button to save your changes and create the Matter entry. Lawcus will create the Matter entry and take you to the Matter Details screen.

Note: If you are creating more than one Matter entry, click on the Save and add new button instead of the Create button. Lawcus will create the Matter entry and then give you a blank Matter screen so that you can make another entry.

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