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Viewing Lead Details in Lawcus
Viewing Lead Details in Lawcus

Effortlessly manage and view lead details in Lawcus for effective client interaction.

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Just as you can have a dossier on a lead in the real world, Lawcus allows you to maintain all details of your interaction with the lead in one place, right till you either convert the lead into a client or mark the lead as a lost lead.

To Access Lead Details:

  1. Click on "Leads" in the sidebar menu to open the Leads screen.

  2. In the Pipeline view, locate the specific lead card you're interested in. Click on the lead card to reveal the Lead Details screen. Note that if you're using the List, Not Hired Leads, or Converted Leads views, you can click on the lead's name to access its details.

Key Components of the Lead Details Screen:

A. Lead Name and Actions: At the top of the Lead Details screen, you'll find the lead's name along with buttons that empower you to take the following actions:

  • Edit lead information

  • Convert the lead into a matter

  • Mark the lead as lost

B. Tabs for Comprehensive Information: The Lead Details screen is divided into multiple tabs, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Info: This tab overviews the lead's details, including interactions and matter-related information.

  • Tasks: Access tasks associated with the lead to stay organized.

  • Files: View files exchanged with the lead.

  • Calendar: Explore scheduled meetings with the lead or related to the leads.

  • Inbox: View lead-related messages and communication.

  • Time: View and track time spent on lead-related activities.

  • Expenses: View and record expenses linked to the lead.

  • Flat Fees: View and manage flat fee charges for the lead.

  • Invoices: Track and generate invoices for the lead's services.

C. Requests Sent: This section provides a record of requests that have been sent to the lead. These requests could include documents, information, or actions, such as Intake Forms that you've asked the lead to provide or complete. It allows you to track the status of these requests and ensure that you have all the necessary information from the lead to proceed effectively. This feature aids in maintaining a clear communication history and streamlining the lead-to-client conversion process.

D. Info: This section showcases essential lead details, such as open date, matter description, practice area, location, estimated matter value, and the names of originating and responsible attorneys.

E. Interaction History: Gain insights into your past interactions and activities with the lead, fostering better engagement.

F. Adding Various Entries: Utilize this area to add seamlessly:

  • Notes about the lead,

  • Meeting notes,

  • Records of important facts,

  • Details about lead or matter-related issues,

  • Phone log entries,

  • Email log entries.

G. View Lead sharing details: Within this section, you can access a list of internal members with whom the lead's information has been shared. This functionality empowers you to handle confidentiality requirements as necessary, enhancing your control over sensitive information.

H. Returning to Previous Screens: You can close the Lead Details screen and return to your previous screen if needed.

I. Quick Actions Panel: Streamline lead management with the Quick Actions panel, which facilitates swift execution of actions like:

  • Edit lead: Modify the lead's information and details.

  • Visibility Settings: Tailor the visibility of matter-related information to meet your needs.

  • Deleting lead: Permanently remove the lead from the system.

  • Convert the lead to matter: Transition the lead into an active matter or case.

  • Marking leads as Did not hire: Indicate that the lead didn't proceed to hire.

  • Add Time: Record time-related data for the lead or matter.

  • Add expense: Document expenses associated with the lead or matter.

  • Add Flat Fee: Note flat fee amounts related to the lead or matter.

  • Apply Workflow: Implement predefined workflows for streamlined processes.

  • Send Intake Form: Send the intake form to gather the necessary information.

  • Send eSign Request: Request electronic signature for documents.

  • Share Lead with Client: Collaborate by sharing lead information with clients.

J. Financial Info: This section provides you with the following information:

  • Trust Balance: The current balance held in trust for the client or matter.

  • Credit Balance: The available credit amount associated with the client or matter.

  • Un-invoiced Balance: The balance for services or work that has not been invoiced yet.

  • Outstanding Balance: The total amount that is still owed by the client or matter.

This section also provides you with the options to:

  • Raise a "Trust Request": Initiate a request for adding funds to the trust account.

  • "Credit Request": Initiate a request for additional credit allocation.

  • "Create Invoice" for Un-invoiced entries: Generate an invoice for the services or work that has not been invoiced yet.

K. Client Info: Furnishes essential client details, encompassing "Lead Source," "Referred By," contact Email, Phone Number, Address, Website, etc.

L. Lead Contact Information: The lead's contact details, including related contacts, are conveniently displayed for easy access.

With Lawcus, you can efficiently track your interactions with leads, ensuring you're well-informed and organized throughout the client acquisition process. The Lead Details screen serves as your digital dossier, empowering you to manage leads precisely and professionally. Utilizing these features effectively enables you to make informed d

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