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Viewing Leads in Lawcus
Viewing Leads in Lawcus

Efficiently manage leads with Lawcus. Track progress, view interactions, and convert leads into loyal customers. Pipeline and List views.

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In Lawcus, you can efficiently manage your new leads and prospective customers. You can track your leads through different stages until they sign an agreement and become valuable customers. This article will guide you through viewing your leads in both Pipeline and List views, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your leads' status and interactions.

To view your leads:

  1. Click on "Leads" in the sidebar menu. This action will open the Leads screen, where you can access all the leads you have entered into the system.

  2. The Leads screen displays your leads in a visually organized manner, showing the different stages each lead is currently in. At the top of each stage column, you can see the total number of leads in that stage and the combined estimated value of these leads to your business.

Viewing Individual Leads: For each individual lead (in pipeline view), Lawcus provides a wealth of valuable information on the lead card itself to help you make informed decisions:

  • Name of the Lead: Easily identify the lead's name for quick reference.

  • Estimated Value: Understand the potential value the lead can bring your business.

  • Notes, File Attachments, and Tasks: Keep track of your interactions with the lead by viewing the number of notes, file attachments, and completed tasks, as well as the total number of tasks.

  • Last Contacted Date: Know when you last interacted with the lead to maintain consistent communication.

  • Upcoming Task Due Date: To indicate the due date of the next pending task.

  • Persons Responsible: Identify the team members assigned to handle and nurture the lead.

Switching between Pipeline and List Views

Lawcus offers two different views to cater to your preferred style of lead management. You can seamlessly switch between the Pipeline and List views to suit your needs.

  • Pipeline View: By default, Lawcus displays your leads in the Pipeline view. This view provides an organized representation of your lead conversion stages and the number of prospective clients at each stage.

  • List View: Alternatively, you can choose to view your leads using the List View, which offers a more detailed tabular format.

To switch to List View: Click on the List View icon at the top right of the Leads screen.


Note: Just like the Pipeline view, you can view various details such as the Lead's name, Originating Attorney, Responsible Attorney, Description, Last Contacted, Estimated Value, and more. The unique feature of this view is that you can customize the columns and adjust the list's density according to your preference.

To customize your preference:

  • Click on the "Columns" button.

  • Toggle and select the columns you desire.

  • After making your selections, click on "Apply Changes" to incorporate them.

  • Furthermore, you can choose from three different density options:

    • Compact: Ideal for maximizing the number of visible rows on the screen, displaying more information at once.

    • Standard: Strikes a balance between Compact and Comfortable, providing moderate white space.

    • Comfortable: Allows for more spacing between rows, making reading and interacting with the information easier.

  • Select the density that best suits your needs and enhances your viewing experience.

To switch back to the pipeline view: Locate the Pipeline View icon at the top right corner of the Leads screen.


Pro Tips:

  • Exploring Lead Details: Easily delve deeper into any lead's information from the List View by simply clicking on their name. This action will seamlessly lead you to a comprehensive view of all your interactions with that specific lead.

  • Utilize the "Filter" Option: Enhance your lead management experience in both views by making use of the "Filter" option. It allows you to narrow down your search or access specific data according to your unique requirements.

  • Export Data in CSV Format: Make informed decisions and conduct further analysis by utilizing the export option. Export lead details in CSV format to work with the data outside the platform.

  • Accessing "More Actions": Click on "More Actions" to explore and update various pre-defined options, including:

    • Practice Areas

    • Relation Types

    • Lead Sources

    • Not Hired Reasons

  • Adding New Leads: Effortlessly add new leads by clicking on the "Add" button, streamlining your lead acquisition process.

  • Efficient Lead Grouping: Seamlessly switch between Intake, Not Hired Leads, Converted Leads, and All Leads categories to see your leads grouped accordingly. This feature facilitates efficient decision-making based on lead status.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with managing your leads in Lawcus, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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