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How do I customize language on invoice?
How do I customize language on invoice?

Mastering Localization: Streamlining Invoice Processes for Global Reach

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For law firms servicing bilingual clients and with a need for invoices in languages other than the default English language, Lawcus gives you the unique ability to adapt invoice contents in your client’s local languages.

Follow the steps to localize an invoice in a client’s language:

1. Click the Avatar Icon and then tap Settings. Navigate to Bill Settings and click Invoice Templates

3. Click Add template

4. Start swapping default header titles with header titles in the desired language


Let’s say the client’s local language is French. You’d have to replace all the English header titles with French titles like below:

Note: You can also customize the currency on each invoice template.

5. Enter a name for the localized template (preferably the local language name) and save

Note: You can get more information on invoice templates and localization by checking out this video and help article

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