Attaching intake form information to an existing lead is a quick and easy process in Lawcus. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to the "Leads" section of your Lawcus account.

  2. Select the lead that you want to attach the intake form info to.

  3. Click on "Send intake form" from the “Quick Actions” section.

  4. Select the “Intake Form” you desire to send to the lead and click on next.

  5. Now send the intake form directly from Lawcus or copy the link to send to the lead via other channels.

Once the lead fills out and submits the intake form, the information will automatically be attached to the lead in your account. This will help you keep all of the lead's information in one place and make it easier to access in the future.


[Lead management, Intake forms, Client information]

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