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How do I resend a document for E-signature?
How do I resend a document for E-signature?

Steps to send a reminder for E-Signature.

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In Lawcus, we don't have functionalities to resend a document for E-signature. To resend a document for signature, ensure that your Dropbox Sign account (formerly HelloSign) uses the same email address as your Lawcus account. You can then proceed to resend the document from your Dropbox Sign account.

Please follow the below steps to resend the document from the Dropbox Sign.

Here's how to resend a signature request:

  • Sign in to your Dropbox Sign account by clicking here. Use the same email you have on Lawcus to sign in.

  • Click on "Documents" in the left sidebar.

  • Hover over the "⁝" (vertical ellipsis) next to the document you want to resend.

  • Click "Email Reminder" and follow the next steps to send the reminder.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your document signing while ensuring that all parties involved can easily complete the process.

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