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How to Set Up Client Portal Notifications in Lawcus?
How to Set Up Client Portal Notifications in Lawcus?

Guide to setting up client portal notifications in Lawcus for prompt response to client changes.

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Lawcus offers a convenient Client Portal feature that allows clients to view their case information, communicate with your team, and share documents securely online. As a Lawcus user, you can set up notifications to keep track of any changes your clients make on the Portal in real-time. This article will guide you through the steps to configure these notifications.

  1. Click on the Avatar Icon on the top right corner of Lawcus and select Settings.

  2. Click on the User Settings

  3. Select “Notification Settings” from the menu

  4. Under the 'Email Notifications' section, check the box for 'Receive email notification the moment any significant change happens on the Client Portal, such as when a client uploads a document or updates their account information'.

That's it! You'll now receive notifications whenever a client makes changes on the Client Portal. Please ensure that you do not classify such email notifications as Spam in your email.

By setting up Client Portal notifications in Lawcus, you can stay informed of any changes your clients make on their account and respond promptly to their needs. Try it out today and streamline your communication with clients!

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