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How do I customize the hourly rate per time entry?
How do I customize the hourly rate per time entry?

Customize Hourly Rate Per Time Entry

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Individual members of your legal team can set and apply their unique hourly rates for time entries in Lawcus, diverging from the default rate established by the admin.

To customize hourly rates on time entry:

  1. Navigate to Matters.

  2. Click on the Specific Matter.

  3. Go to the Quick Actions section and click Add Time.

  4. Edit the default rate that appears automatically to customize it and Complete the other required fields.

    Note: If you click the letter in the rate field and tap User in the floating window, you'll be able to switch back to the default rate

  5. Click Save or Save and add new.


if you're adding time entries elsewhere in the interface using the pinkish + icon, follow steps 4 and onward to adjust the rate as needed.

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