If you've received an email through Gmail containing relevant attachments and chats which you'd like to forward to your Lawcus account without leaving your email inbox, the Lawcus for Gmail Add-on is your best bet.

The add-on extends the functionalities of your Gmail inbox by allowing you to log mails - with or without attachments - to the relevant matter on Lawcus - right within your inbox.

To Setup Gmail Add-on Integration:

  1. From your Gmail inbox, click the + button

  2. Enter Lawcus in the Marketplace search box and tap the Lawcus for Gmail add-on

  3. Click the Install button and tap Continue.

  4. Choose the desired email address and click Allow.

  5. Close all dialog boxes

  6. Once back to your inbox, tap the Lawcus add-on and click LOG TO EXISTING TEAM.

  7. Enter your Lawcus login email and click Next: Password

  8. Input your password and click login

  9. Click Allow

Note: The Lawcus for Gmail add-on only appears on the far-right side when you've opened an email

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