Time (or timesheet) rounding involves rounding up recorded work hours to reflect infrequent periods, such as short breathers and refreshment breaks that can't be easily estimated. Time rounding also helps to transform punched-in work hours into easier-to-tackle numbers for payroll accounting and calculation.

Depending on your firm's billing style, you can choose a desired time rounding type for your Lawcus account from any of:

  • Per-minute

  • 3-minute rule

  • The 5-Minute rule

  • 6-Minute rule/One-tenth of an hour

  • 7-Minute rule/One-quarter of an hour, and many more time rounding styles

Your chosen rounding rule is applied whenever you use our in-built time tracker or import a timesheet.

How it works:

Let's say you turned the time tracker on for a case at 8:45 am and punched out at 10:47 am, it leaves you with a total 2hrs 2mins workhour for that case. But if you were to bill time in, say, a quarter of an hour, i.e., in 15 minutes intervals, the time recorded is rounded up to 2hrs 15mins.

Enabling a desired minute increment style

To enable time rounding:

  1. Tap the avatar logo at the extreme top-left of the screen, then select Settings from the drop-down options

  2. Navigate to the Bill Settings section and click Rounding Time Settings

  3. Choose a desired style from the Rounding time drop-down options, then click Save to wrap up the process

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