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How to Customize Relation Types in Lawcus?
How to Customize Relation Types in Lawcus?

Customize relation types in Lawcus for efficient relationship management.

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In Lawcus, the "Relation Type" field is crucial in defining the relationships between different entities, such as clients, contacts, cases, matters, tasks, and other relevant entities. By customizing relation types, you can effectively categorize and establish connections between these entities, facilitating efficient tracking and management of relationships.

Here's a guide on how to customize relation types in Lawcus:

  1. Access your user Avatar by clicking on it and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

  2. Within the "Settings" section, navigate to "Firm Settings" and locate the "Relation Types" option.

  3. Click on "Relation Types" to customize the available relation types.

  4. To modify existing relation types, click on the Edit or Delete button associated with each relation type.

  5. To create a new relation type, click "New Relation Type." Enter the desired relation type, press Enter, or click Save to save your customization.

  6. Once you have made the necessary changes, you will immediately notice the updated Relation Types dropdown menu under the "Add related contact" button on the matter edit/new matter creation page.

By customizing relation types in Lawcus, you can specify the nature of connections between different entities. For instance, you can link an expert to a specific matter or designate a contact as a witness in a case. These associations enable easy access to relevant information, help track dependencies, and enhance your overall experience and efficiency using Lawcus.

Take control of your relationships by customizing relation types in Lawcus today!

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