To keep your clients rest assured they are top-of-mind for your law firm, you can share a matter with the client, so they can see the moving parts of their case which you've chosen to share with them.

Note: It's much easier if you add the new client as a person or contact on your Lawcus account before trying to share the matter.

Sharing a matter with the client

To assign a matter with the client:

1. Go to Matters

2. Click a matter you’d like to share with client

3. Navigate to the Quick Actions and tap Share matter with client

4. Click the search box to reveal the dropdown menu of existing client contacts

5. Click the Share with client button

Note: If the client hasn't been added as a contact or invited to Client Portal, entering their email in the search box takes you to a window to add them. On entering the new client's name and country, the client is added as a contact, and a Client Portal invitation mail is sent to them automatically.

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