Client Portal helps you spend significantly less time soliciting or sharing information to clients to let you do what you do best - deliver high-quality, transparent, and real-time legal services to your client.

Using the secured communicative space, you can share login access to Lawcus with your users through which they can access and share messages and documents, matter updates, make payments, and a number of other things.

Note: Inviting a client-user to client portal is not the end of the road. You still need to separately share a matter with the client.

  • To Invite a client from the dashboard:

1. Click the pinkish + button and select Add person


2. Enter details of the user you’d like to invite, particularly the email address


3. Once done, navigate to the right of the screen, click Client Portal and thereafter Allow Client Portal


4. Hit Save to wrap up the creation process


5. An email invitation like the below is sent to the newly created user containing a link to join the client portal


Note: Inviting a user through this method doesn't translate to sharing a matter with them. You'd have to subsequently share the matter after sending the invitation - should you desire to share an ongoing matter with them.

  • To invite a client by sharing the matter:

You can also invite new users to the client portal by sharing an ongoing matter with them.

1. Go to Matters


2. Open a matter you’d like to share through a client portal


3. Locate the right side-menu and select Share matter with client


4. Enter the client email you’d like to invite and then click on Add from the drop down

5. Create a new client by entering all the required information and click on add
This will automatically invite the client and create a contact for them on Lawcus.

  • To invite a client from Manage your organization

    1. Tap the account avatar logo and click Manage your organization

2. Tap Users on the left-handed menu.
Select New user button on the right corner

3. Enter the client email and select client role

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