If you have many notes or interactions (meetings, phone calls, fact entries, issue entries) with a client, it sometimes becomes difficult to quickly locate a particular entry. Lawcus now allows you to pin notes and other interactions in a matter. When you pin an interaction, Lawcus:

  • Marks the entry with a yellowish pinned icon

  • Adds the entry to the Pinned Notes panel so you can find it quickly later.

To pin an entry in the Interaction section of a matter:

  1. Click on Matters in the sidebar menu to open the Matters screen.

  2. Click on a matter to view its details.

  3. In the Interaction section, hover your mouse pointer over the entry you want to pin. Lawcus displays some icons next to the entry.


4. Click on the Pin Note (


) icon. Lawcus adds the Pinned icon to the entry and adds the entry to the Pinned Notes panel.


You can see all pinned entries in the Pinned Notes panel. Click on icon to locate the entry in the Interactions panel. Alternatively, click on the Show more link to view the entry in a pop-up window.

Tip: To unpin an entry, click on the Unpin Note icon (in the Interactions panel) or click on 'X' next to the entry in the Pinned Notes panel.

The following animated image demonstrates this process of pinning and unpinning notes:


Note: When you Pin an item, your entire team will see it as a pinned item.

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