Tags are special keywords that you can later use to search for a matter entry in Lawcus. You can add tags while creating the new matter itself, or anytime later, by editing the Matter details.

Note: See How to add a new matter to learn more about adding a new matter entry.

To add tags to an existing matter:

  1. Click on Matters in the left sidebar. Lawcus displays the Matters screen.

  2. Click on a Matter Card to edit the details of that matter.


3. Click on the Edit icon (


) or on Edit matter in the Quick actions panel. Lawcus displays the Matter details screen.


4. Click Tags to add new tags to the matter or change the existing tags.

5. Type a tag word in the Tags box.


Note: As you type, Lawcus will show you a list of tags that match with what you are typing. If the tag you want appears in the list, click on the tag. Otherwise, if you are entering a new tag, type it and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Lawcus will add the tag to the Tags area.


6. Repeat the above step to add more tags.

7. Finally, click the Update button to save your changes and return to the Matter details screen.


The newly added tags will appear in the Info tab.

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