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How to Mark a Lead as Not Hired in Lawcus?
How to Mark a Lead as Not Hired in Lawcus?

Efficiently manage unconverted leads in Lawcus: Marking process explained.

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In the dynamic landscape of client acquisition, it's crucial to have a systematic approach to handling leads that may not progress to becoming clients. Lawcus provides a straightforward solution for managing these situations. By marking a lead as "not hired," you can maintain a well-organized lead database and gain valuable insights for future strategies. This guide will walk you through the simple steps of designating a lead as not hired within the Lawcus platform.

Here's a step-by-step guide on marking a lead as not hired:

  1. Navigate to the "Leads" tab in the sidebar menu and click on it to see the list of leads.

  2. Choose the specific lead you wish to mark as not hired. Upon selection, Lawcus will present you with the comprehensive Lead Details screen for that particular lead.

  3. You'll find the β€œDid not hire” button next to the lead lame. Click on it to mark the lead as not hired. Alternatively, you can access this action under "Quick Actions.”

  4. Lawcus will prompt you to confirm your choice. This confirmation step ensures accurate data management.

  5. Put the not-hire reason by choosing a pre-defined reason from the drop-down list by clicking "Select not hire reason" or manually typing in your rationale. If you opt for the latter, press "Enter" to include it in the list.

  6. For enhanced record-keeping and future reference, add an optional note associated with the lead's decision.

  7. Once you've provided the necessary information, click the "Yes" button. It will mark the lead as not hired and subsequently transfer it from your Intake list to the "Not Hired Leads" list.

Note: Lawcus offers the flexibility to revisit this decision should circumstances change or new developments arise. Navigate to the not-hired list and select the lead you want to re-open. By clicking the "Re-open" link, you can easily reincorporate the lead into your Intake list for reconsideration.

This streamlined process empowers you to efficiently manage your leads, maintain accurate records, and make informed decisions about resource allocation within your firm.

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