For case continuity and optimum operation of your legal practice with no downtime, Lawcus allows you to import all existing matters' data from your previous practice management software.

Note: The CSV file containing the matters' data must be structured correctly to match this Matters Import Sample. The file must have the following column order: Matter Name, Workflow Name, Stage Name, Number, Open Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Practice Area, Case Description, Matter Closed (TRUE or FALSE), Closed Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Due Date (mm/dd/yyyy), and Client Name.

Importing matters to Lawcus

To bulk-import matters to your account:

  1. Click on the avatar image and tap Settings

  2. Open Apps and Integrations, then click Export & Import

  3. Navigate to Matters tab, then the Import tab

  4. Click on the shape to upload your data

Note: Importing contacts before matters could ease the process of associating matters with the relevant client contact, but it isn't compulsory. If a client doesn't exist because its details haven't been imported, we will generate a new person contact for it. Workflow name and Stage name are, however, required. We will generate the new workflow and stage for you if a workflow or stage doesn't exist.

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