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Video: Creating Custom Fields and Groups
Video: Creating Custom Fields and Groups

Lawcus enables customizable data fields for streamlined intake in diverse law firms.

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Law firms are highly diverse, with variations in practice areas, firm culture, processes, jurisdictions, and governing bar rules, among other factors. These distinctions make establishing standardized default fields for data collection extremely challenging.

That's where Lawcus comes in, offering a practical solution for its users. In addition to the default fields on forms, Lawcus enables users to create different types of custom fields. These custom fields allow users to capture additional information about a case or client and facilitate a more streamlined intake process.

In this video, we demonstrate the following steps:

  1. Adding new custom fields for matters and contacts.

  2. Creating custom field groups.

  3. Assigning custom fields to specific groups.

  4. Associating custom fields and groups with relevant practice areas.

By following these instructions, Lawcus users can enhance their data-gathering capabilities and tailor their intake process to their specific needs and practice areas.

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