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Can I import contacts from Lawmatics into Lawcus?
Can I import contacts from Lawmatics into Lawcus?

Contact Import from Lawmatics

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Yes, we can help you import contacts from Lawmatics into Lawcus, and our team can do that for you as well.

Option 1: Credential Sharing

  • Share your Lawmatics credentials securely via 1Password or LastPass with our team.

  • Note: Your passwords remain protected, as our team won't have direct access to them.

Option 2: Export Contacts from Lawmatics

  • Log in to your Lawmatics account.

  • Go to Settings and locate the Export section.

  • Choose the contacts you want to export.

  • Initiate the export process to obtain contact files.

Once you have the contact files exported from Lawmatics, provide these exported contact files to our team for the import process into Lawcus.

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