For lawyers and law firms with an estate planning practice area, DecisonVault comes in handy as a central knowledge base for client contact and asset data, acting as the middle-point between your law firm and clients.

Lawcus supports direct integration with the intake portal solution to aid the shifting of repeated information entry burden from attorneys to clients so that you (and other staff) can always export client information to Lawcus and other tools in just one click.

To setup DecisionVault Integration with Lawcus:

  1. Click Integrations on your DecisionVault dashboard interface

  2. Scroll down and tap Authenticate with Lawcus

  3. Enter your Lawcus login email and tap Next: Password

  4. Input your password and click Log in

  5. Click Allow

  6. Map Lawcus pipeline to DecisionVault pipeline and click Save

  7. Map Lawcus custom fields to DecisionVault fields

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