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Creating Recurring Tasks through Workflows
Creating Recurring Tasks through Workflows

Streamline task management with recurring tasks in workflows: automate and simplify your workflow process.

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To streamline your task management, you have the option to create recurring tasks within a workflow. You can ensure that specific tasks are automatically generated at set intervals by designating specific tasks to repeat periodically. This feature can be accessed while building a workflow in the Automation section of your system.

Here's how you can easily set up recurring tasks:

  1. Begin creating your workflow in the Automation section.

  2. Within the workflow, locate the task for which you want to set a recurring schedule.

  3. Click on the "Due Date" option associated with the task.

  4. A prompt window will appear, displaying various options for setting the due date.

  5. Look for the "Repeat Setting" option within the prompt window.

  6. Select the "Periodically" option to indicate that the task should repeat.

  7. Specify the desired interval for the task recurrence, indicating the number of days after completion.

Following these steps can effectively establish recurring tasks within your workflows. This functionality simplifies your task management process by automatically generating these tasks based on your specified schedule, enabling you to focus on more important aspects of your work.

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