Rather than creating many eSign templates to cover all variations, you can create one template to retrieve the coordinate of the signature fields.

And with text tags in the mix, it's become much easier to create eSign document templates as you only need to place tags that is converted to eSign fields when the request is sent.

Note: You can indicate whose signer the field is for, what kind of field it is, and whether or not the field is needed.
Here are the different elements of text tags and what they each stand for:

To include eSign text tags in existing document templates:

  1. Navigate to the Document Template interface as outlined above

  2. Download an existing document template

  3. Open the downloaded template in any word processor

  4. Paste the eSign text tag [text|noreq|signer1|Label|UniqueId] where desired
    For more details on how to use 'Text Tags,' click here.

5. Save the document

6. Re-upload the updated document template to Lawcus

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