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How to completely migrate firm's data to Lawcus
How to completely migrate firm's data to Lawcus

Data Migration into Lawcus

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Congratulations on recognizing the unique benefit of using Lawcus to take your legal practice to the next level efficiency-wise! And as you'll soon realize, the firm-wide data migration process to our software is more seamless, laid-back, and stress-free than you imagined. Here's what the process entails:

Getting your data together from your previous practice management software

First off, it's essential to gather all your firm data in one piece, which would typically come in a zip file format. Sometimes, this comprehensive data export is something you can do by yourself, and in some cases, it'd require that you get in touch with the technical team at the previous software company.

Importing your data into the Lawcus database

Once your exported data is available, we can begin work on importing your firm-wide data into the Lawcus database. Then, we import nearly everything from your organizational data from custom fields to client contacts, matters, notes, time entries, expense entries, flat fees, invoices, payments, and balances. The only exception is for intake forms and documents, which we cannot import.

Cleaning up and confirming your data

Immediately after the data migration is complete on our end, a login/password to your new Lawcus account is provided to enable you to confirm that the data import has been satisfactorily completed. By the following Friday evening, when everyone is logged-out from the previous practice management tool, we will get the final data from the software and import it again to Lawcus. When everyone on your team comes back on Monday, they all can continue from where they left off with Lawcus without any disruption.

Other things to note

While this 2-weeks long migration process is underway, you can continue to use the previous software with no downtime. The entire data migration from any practice management tool to Lawcus costs a one-time setup fee of 349$, which does not include the subscription cost for whichever pricing plan.

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