Filtering matters gives you the chance to view matters that conform to defined criteria. Such criteria could be a tag, client, matter, practice area, billing type, lead source, among others.

To filter matter:

1. Go to Matters on the left-handed menu


2. Locate and click Filter on the extreme right-hand side of the screen


3. Choose a filter option by making an entry in one or more of the ten fields

Filter by Client

  • Choose any client from the dropdown menu to view all the matters ongoing for such a selected client


Filter by Matter

  • Perchance a matter has two versions or is split into several parts and you’d like to exclusively see those, select the original matter in the dropdown menu


Filter by Member

  • Select members in the dropdown menu to filter matters being handled by the chosen member - which could be an outside counsel, secretary


Filter by Practice Area

  • Select a practice area from the dropdown to see matters divided along the lines of practice areas


Filter by Billing Type

  • For record-keeping and accounting, you can also filter matters by billing type


Filter by Originating Attorney

  • For bonus collation purposes, you can filter matters by their originating attorney to see the number of matter(s) the selected attorney brought to the firm


Filter by Responsible Attorney

  • Filter matters by their responsible attorney to see the number of ongoing matters being managed and supervised by the selected attorney


Filter by Tags

  • Filter matters by making use of tags previously associated with matters


Filter by Referred By

  • You can also filter matters according to clients who referred them


Filter by Lead Source

  • You can also filter matter by the sources of lead that transformed into matters


4. Click X to close the dialog


5. Matters that qualify under the filter(s) should now exclusively appear on your display

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