With Lawcus, you can keep track of your matters. Lawcus allows you to track your matters through a pipeline that contains different stages from Case Assessment right till the matter is closed.

Lawcus even allows you to define different pipelines for different types of matters. Along with the name of the matter, Lawcus also shows you who is/are the persons responsible for the matter.

Viewing your Matters

To view your matters:

  1. Click on Matters in the sidebar menu.

Additional Information

The Matters interface shows the different matters you have added and at which stage they each are. And, at the top of each stage column, it tells you how many matters are there in that stage.


In the default pipeline view type, Lawcus displays the following for eamatter:

  • the name;

  • the total number of notes, file attachments and tasks completed;

  • the persons responsible for handling it.

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