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Can I integrate Calendly with Lawcus?
Can I integrate Calendly with Lawcus?

Calendly Integration.

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Lawcus offers multiple ways to integrate Calendly:
1. Direct Integration with Calendly on Lawcus: Lawcus provides a direct integration with Calendly. You can follow the steps provided within Lawcus to set up this integration.

2. Integration via Google and Outlook: Lawcus seamlessly connects with Google and Outlook calendars. As Calendly integrates with both of them, any event added to Calendly will be imported into Lawcus when your Google or Outlook calendar is linked with Lawcus.

3. Create a Zap (Zapier) to Link Lawcus and Calendly: Zapier allows you to create automated workflows (Zaps). You can set up a Zap to connect your Lawcus account with Calendly. You might find a sample Zap that suits your needs or create a customized one.

4. Use Lawcus' Appointment Scheduler: Lawcus offers its own appointment scheduler, similar to Calendly. You can explore how to set up and utilize this feature within Lawcus set up 'Appointment Scheduler.

Each method provides different levels of integration and flexibility, so you can choose the one that best fits your workflow and preferences.

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