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How does calendar sync from Lawcus Scheduler work?
How does calendar sync from Lawcus Scheduler work?

Discover how Lawcus Scheduler synchronizes calendars, featuring real-time updates and integration with Nylas.

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The scheduler directly interacts with Google/Office 365 calendars and may experience a 10-minute delay before updates are reflected in Lawcus.

Calendar sync in Lawcus Scheduler operates by connecting your Google/Outlook calendar with Lawcus to ensure a seamless flow of scheduling information. Here's how it works:

  • Integration Setup: You start by integrating your calendar, such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar with Lawcus. This involves granting permission for Lawcus to access your calendar.

  • Two-Way Communication: Once integrated, the sync process establishes a two-way communication channel between your calendar and Lawcus. This means events scheduled in Lawcus are mirrored in your Google/Outlook calendar, and vice versa.

  • Real-Time Updates: Any changes made in either Lawcus Scheduler or your external calendar are instantly reflected in both systems. Whether you add, edit, or cancel appointments, the changes are synchronized in real-time.

In summary, Lawcus Scheduler's calendar sync powered by a 3rd-party provider Nylas, simplifies the scheduling process by connecting your calendar to the platform, enabling real-time updates, and preventing scheduling conflicts. It enhances your overall scheduling experience.

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