Integrating your Lawcus account with either an Outlook or Google email calendar is simple, but what if you need to map multiple calendars to Lawcus? In this article, we'll show you how to map multiple calendars to your Lawcus account, as long as they're from the same email service provider.

So, if you've integrated a Gmail account with Lawcus, you can only map multiple Google calendars with such a Lawcus account. But if you integrated an Outlook email account with Lawcus, you'll only be able to map multiple Outlook calendars.

Mapping multiple calendars with Lawcus

To map Lawcus with multiple calendars:

  1. Share or add the additional calendar to the email account integrated with your Lawcus account, with full permissions. Note that the process for sharing a calendar with full permissions differs depending on your email service provider.

    In this example, an additional Google calendar is being shared with the Gmail account integrated with the Lawcus account.

  2. In Lawcus Calendar, create a new calendar and name it as per your requirements. You can also share this new calendar with other users.

  3. Navigate to Settings to ensure Two-way calendar integration is enabled.

  4. Click on the "Update Calendar list" button.

  5. Map the additional email calendar to Lawcus by selecting it from the dropdown list.

  6. Go to Lawcus Calendar to view your newly mapped calendar.

It's that simple! With these steps, you can now map multiple calendars to your Lawcus account. Remember to ensure that the additional calendars you want to map are from the same email service provider as the integrated email account.


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