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Displaying Non-Billable Activities on Lawcus Invoices
Displaying Non-Billable Activities on Lawcus Invoices

Showcasing non-billable entries on Lawcus invoices for transparent client relations.

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Displaying non-billable activities on invoices enhances transparency and client rapport. Here's a concise guide to seamlessly incorporate these activities into your Lawcus invoices.

Prerequisite: Ensure you select "Display this entry on the invoice" when creating or editing activities, after selecting the entry as "Non-billable." These entries will appear in a strikethrough format on the invoice.
To create a non-billable entry in Lawcus, refer to the Create Non-billable entry guide if needed.
Note: The "Display this entry on the invoice" will only show once you check/select the Non-billable option.


  1. Make a new invoice in Lawcus. Refer to the Create an Invoice Guide if needed.

  2. After populating the invoice, move to the preview page. Non-billable activities are clearly marked here, providing visibility into the value beyond billed items.

  3. Cross-check if required.

Although these Non-billable entries are added to the invoice, they won't be counted in the invoice total.

Effortlessly exhibit non-billable activities on Lawcus invoices. Enhance transparency and dedication to client matters. Strengthen relationships with informed interactions.

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