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How to Set Up Your Lawcus Appointment Scheduler?
How to Set Up Your Lawcus Appointment Scheduler?

Learn to set up an appointment scheduler with Lawcus, including linking multiple calendars, custom fields, appointment reminders, and more.

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Enhance your scheduling experience with Lawcus Appointment Scheduler, eliminating the stress and inefficiencies of arranging appointments and collaborative calls with both current and prospective clients.

Our innovative tool streamlines the appointment booking process, empowering clients to effortlessly schedule consultations at their convenience. By simply selecting from the available time slots you've designated, there's no need for back-and-forth communication, minimizing any unnecessary correspondence.

Experience the seamless and hassle-free way to manage your appointments, allowing you to focus more on productive client interactions and less on logistical challenges.

Basic Setup

1. To access the Lawcus scheduler appointment tool, click on your user avatar in the top-right corner and select "Settings."


2. Then, click on "Apps and Integrations."


3. And, select "Appointment Scheduler."


4. Now, to set up a new scheduling page, click on "Click to set up scheduling pages."


5. Then click on "Add Scheduling Page."


6. Give your new scheduling page a name.


7. Add your personal Zoom meeting link and ID if you want to use video conferencing for your appointments. You may also add G-Meet or any other link at your convenience.


8. Choose the duration of your appointments.


9. Define your availability by selecting the days and times that clients can schedule appointments with you.


10. Select how far in advance clients can book appointments.


11. Customize your appointment booking link and click Create to finalize the process and make your new scheduler page go live.


Further Customization

Streamline your scheduling process with Lawcus Appointment Scheduler. Easily customize your scheduler by clicking the Edit button on your scheduler page. Unlock a range of personalized options to simplify your booking experience and save time.


Linking with Multiple Calendars

If you work in a team or have multiple calendars, you can link your new scheduler page with multiple calendars so that clients can see the availability of all the team members. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Calendars tab.


2. Click on the existing email.


3. Scroll down and click Advanced in the dropdown menu.


4. Add as many calendars of your teammates as you want by checking the respective boxes.


Redirect After Booking

With the redirect after booking feature, you can choose where your clients should be redirected after completing an appointment booking or event creation. This can be useful if you want to direct your clients to your payment page or another external webpage. To set up the redirect:

1. Go to Booking Flow tab.


2. Select Custom Page in the What should happen when a booking is completed? section.


3. Add the webpage link to where you’d like to redirect them.


Appointment Reminder

You can set up an appointment reminder system to help your clients remember their appointments or consultations. To set up an appointment reminder:

1. Go to the Reminders tab.


2. Click Add Reminder.


3. Enter the details of the reminder system, such as when to send the reminder and what to include in the reminder message, and click Create.


Custom Fields Creation

You can add more fields to your appointment scheduling client forms with the custom fields tab. This can help you gather more information about your clients and tailor your services to their needs. To add custom fields:

1. Go to the Custom Fields tab.


2. Click Add Field.


3. Input the label, specify the type of custom field, and click Save.


Page Styling

Enhance your scheduler page to align with your firm's unique culture by accessing the Page Styles tab. This feature empowers you to customize the appearance of your scheduler page, ensuring it reflects your firm's identity and values accurately. Tailor the visual elements to create a professional and cohesive experience that resonates with your firm's brand.


To upload your company name & logo:

1. Click the empty line to add your Company Name.


2. Click "Upload" to add your company logo.


3. Choose the logo file from your computer files.


To include a theme color:

4. Input an accent color number to include a theme color.


To customize form submission button label:

5. Enter the label you'd prefer for the form submission button.


6. Click Save and Exit to finalize the process


In conclusion, the Lawcus scheduler appointment tool can help you streamline your client appointment booking process and make it easier for your clients.

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