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Effortlessly Start Tracking Your Work: A Guide to Starting a Timer on Lawcus
Effortlessly Start Tracking Your Work: A Guide to Starting a Timer on Lawcus

Track work & billable hours with Lawcus' timer. Pause, categorize activities & gain insights

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Starting a timer is a convenient way to track time spent on a task in Lawcus. Here's a more detailed guide on how to start a timer:

  1. Click on the green clock icon located on the top navigation bar in Lawcus.

  2. Fill in the applicable information like “What are you working on?”, “Matter Name” and rate (if necessary).

  3. Click on the green play icon to start the timer.

It is essential to keep in mind the following points:

  1. You can pause the timer at any time per requirement.

  2. You can create multiple timer lists to track and record the exact time spent on multiple tasks throughout the day without the need for memorization or separate records.

  3. Click the Edit button next to the Pause/Play button to update the "Activity Category" if needed, and remember to save any changes made.

Additionally, Lawcus offers the option to start a timer directly from activities or time under a matter. Clicking the green timer icon from the timesheet/activity list will enable you to begin tracking time. Remember that any such timer would increase the entered time value of the timesheet.

By using Lawcus to track your time, you can easily generate invoices and gain valuable insights into your productivity. Don't forget to stop the timer when you've completed the task to ensure accurate time tracking.

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