Should you want your document template to be equipped with the ability to automatically add related contacts such as a spouse, judge an/or witness, Lawcus - by default - avails users with merge fields that can help achieve that.

This comes handy if you, for example, want the opposing spouse’s name to be automatedly pulled in when creating a document for a divorce or child custody matter.

Note: Ensure to have digested our fundamental help article on the basics of document template creation before continuing.

To add related contacts in document template:

1. Click the user avatar and tap Settings

2. Go to the Firm Settings section and click Document Templates

3. Navigate to Merge Fields

4. Enter relation in the filter field

5. Copy your desired merge fields and paste in appropriate places in existing document


Assuming the relationship type is 'Witness,' then you can use ${Matter.Relationships.Witness.Name} code to automatically pull-in the witness name to the template.

Should you have other related contacts different from the ones with direct merge fields such as witness and judge, replace 'YOUR RELATION Type' in the following code ${Matter.Relationships.YOURRELATIONTTYPE.Name}.

For more on document automation, check out this quick video:

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