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How to Achieve a Smooth Data Migration from Clio to Lawcus
How to Achieve a Smooth Data Migration from Clio to Lawcus

Data Migration from Clio

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At Lawcus, we understand that transitioning your data is a crucial step in embracing a new way of managing your legal practice. To ensure this process is as smooth as possible, we offer a streamlined data migration service that takes approximately 2-3 weeks, allowing you to continue your work with minimal disruption.

What Can You Migrate from Clio to Lawcus

With our data migration service, we can import nearly everything from your Clio account, including Custom Fields, Clients, Matters, Matter relationships, Notes, Files, Time Entries, Expense Entries, Flat Fees, Invoices, Payments, balances, and documents (from Clio Manage only).
However, please note that we cannot import intake forms and documents from Clio Grow.

Here's how our data migration process works:

1. We will retrieve the export files from your Clio account and commence the migration process.

2. You will be provided with a login and password to verify that the imported data aligns with your expectations. This step ensures the accuracy of the migration.

3. Throughout this period, you can continue using Clio, ensuring zero downtime for your legal practice.

4. On Friday evening, we will perform a final data retrieval from Clio and import it into your Lawcus account.

5. When you return to work on Monday, you can seamlessly transition to Lawcus without any interruption or disruption.

Our data migration service is available at a one-time fee of $349, ensuring that your transition to Lawcus is cost-effective and hassle-free. Moreover, for users of our Business Annual plan, data migration is included free of charge, further simplifying your migration process.

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